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Licensed Skydivers

If you’re a licensed fun jumper, we have many different disciplines at Vermont Skydiving Adventures. We love freeflying, belly, wingsuit, and tracking. Let us know what type of flying you like and we can find someone who wants to jump with you!


We are a Cessna dropzone, flying two planes on our busy days. Our main aircraft is a 205, which seats 5 jumpers per load, and our Cessna 182 seats 4 jumpers. Full altitude jump tickets bring you to 12,000 ft. AGL.


VSA allows camping at the dropzone! Be advised that there are tent sites only; we do not have electrical hook-ups or running water. But we do have a roaring fire. 

Fun Jumper Prices

  • Jump ticket: $35

  • Hop and pop: $25

  • Currency Jump: $170 (with rental)

  • Coach Jump: $120 (with rental)

  • Gear Rental: $35


Rigging and Gear Rental

Vermont Skydiving offers a full range of rigging services, including reserve repacks and minor gear repair. We can also send out any equipment for required manufacturer’s maintenance.​

  • Reserve repack: $100

  • Rigging per hour: $25

  • Experienced Gear Rental: $35



In addition to camping onsite, there are these nearby options for local lodging if you are looking for more amenities:

Route 125
Addison, VT


6750 Vt Route 17 W
Addison, VT 05491

6640 Vt Route 125
Addison, VT 05491

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Weather Forecast

Visit the National Weather Service website for an accurate forecast for Addison County.  

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