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Accelerated FreeFall

**We do require a tandem skydive within the past 2 years to start your AFF program**

The Accelerated Freefall, or AFF training program, is the fastest route to becoming a licensed skydiver. The program consists of seven consecutive levels that gradually build up the flight skills a student needs to safely and successfully skydive on their own.


Topics covered throughout the program include altitude awareness, basic freefall body position, elementary flight maneuvers (turns, forward movement), and stability loss and recovery maneuvers (flips and barrel rolls). Students are also introduced to the basics of parachute flight, under radio guidance from an instructor. Every AFF skydive at Vermont Skydiving includes video and a complete debriefing.

The first step in the AFF program is known as the Category A Skydive. After completing a 4-6 hour First Jump Course, you exit the airplane from 12,000 feet, with two instructors holding onto you. After deploying your parachute, an instructor helps guide you to the ground via radio.



AFF Category A + First Jump Course: $380

Your First Jump Course and AFF Category A jump typically happen on the same day, weather allowing. We spend hours in the classroom preparing you for your jump, and running drills using mockups of our plane as well as pads to simulate the freefall position. Once you're ready we will provide all the necessary gear, and two instructors will accompany you on your jump. 

AFF Categories B & C: $250 (per jump)

Before any AFF jump we will work with you on the ground to train. For categories B and C, two instructors will accompany you.

AFF Categories D1-E2: $225 (per jump)

For Categories D1-E2 you will be accompanied by one instructor. Once you successfully complete category E2 you will be cleared to jump solo or with a licensed coach or AFF instructor!

* All of our AFF prices include gear rental and parachute packing fees. *



Designed by the United States Parachute Association, the SIM contains our rules, regulations, and other important information.


Check out this video for a quick overview of your skydiving journey!


This online resource, created by the USPA, is a tool for self-directed, spaced learning before your first solo jump.

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