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Vermont Skydiving Adventures is open Friday - Monday, from 9am to sunset. We are closed for jumping Tuesday - Thursday but our office staff remain available to book your skydives. 

Here in Vermont our operation is seasonal (trust us, you don't want to be up there at -30 degrees!). Our season runs from the beginning of May to the end of October. Give us a call to book your jump!

Weather Dependent

It's important to note that skydiving is extremely weather dependent, we will close early on days when weather restrictions make it impossible to skydive. Weather can also cause delays in our schedule as we wait for bad conditions to pass. If you have made reservations to come jump with us, we kindly ask that you please call before you leave home, to confirm that weather conditions are appropriate to jump on that day. Weather delays are not limited to rain and snow; skydive operations are restricted by high or gusty winds and low clouds. We want to get you in the air just as badly as you want to jump, but safety comes first. 

Getting Here

We are located at the end of a long dirt driveway behind Reed’s Equipment, and you will be passing through their property to get to us. Please do not drive any faster than 10 mph on the driveway. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, so please make sure that all of the drivers in your party are aware. We're looking forward to seeing you too, but please, drive safely! You'll be speeding through the sky soon enough. 

4369 VT-17 W, Addison, VT 05491

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